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The abbreviation stands for Amsterdam Minecraft Cave
And so we keep ourselves busy with the game minecraft in all kinds of variants.
Our network consists of the following servers;
AcidIsland, BuildBattle, Creative, Skyblock, Survival, SurvivalPVP, The Lab.
 What is Minecraft?

The development of Minecraft started around May 2009 and was released in 2011.
Minecraft is a computer sandbox building game written in Java inspired by Infiniminer,
Dwarf Fortress and Dungeon Keeper and developed by the Swede Markus Persson.
The founder of Mojang AB.
Minecraft is most similar to the old LEGO block system.
In the game it is the intention that players place different blocks
and remove it in a three-dimensional world.
This makes it possible for the player (s) to create crazy creations, structures
and create artworks on different multiplayer servers in different game types.
You can buy Minecraft for € 23.95.
The paid version has already been sold more than 20 million times and one can
play both in single and multiplayer mode.
Minecraft Classic is available free of charge.
 The Game:

Minecraft is a so-called open-world game, in which the player can walk around freely
through a virtual world, without a predetermined goal.
The main feature of the game is traveling through and discovering caves and dungeons and
building buildings and facilities.
The player can extract raw materials, process them into other objects and
fight against monsters (mobs).
There are also some special possibilities, such as making automatic connections through
of redstone, and tools of enchantment can be provided.
The enchantments are determined by the game, but the possibilities of redstone are almost unlimited.
For example, there can be very complex things, such as really working calculators and
robotic constructions can be made.
Minecraft has different dimensions.
The Nether, implemented in the Alpha version on October 30, 2010,
is the first extra dimension that was created in Minecraft.
Later there were plans to add a dream world, although that eventually became The End.

 The Normal World

This is the world where the player starts and where the character lives.
The normal world consists of different so-called biomes, each with their own type of land and vegetation.
There are mixed deciduous forests, birch, oak and pine forests, jungle forests, deserts,
mountain landscapes, savannas, taiga's and oceans where sometimes a mushroom island occurs.
In the normal world there are also different weather conditions:
it can rain and thunder and snow in some areas.
In these landscapes there are occasionally game structures generated by the game,
such as villages, desert, jungle and underwater temples and so-called spawner's under the ground
where enemy mobs arise.
The villages are populated by villagers, with which the player can trade by exchanging things.


Since Halloween 2010 it is possible to travel to the Nether.
The Nether is, just like the ordinary world, randomly generated.
To enter the Nether, the player must create a portal of obsidian and fire it,
creating a purple portal. If the player is in that field for five seconds
he travels to 'the Nether'.
At the place where one ends up in the Nether is a portal with which one returns
to travel to the normal world.
This portal looks the same as the portal to go to the Nether.
There are fewer different types of blocks present in this dimension than in the normal dimension.
In addition, there are four different beings who live in the Nether:
Ghasts (flying, fire-breathing beings),
Zombie pigs (passive until they are attacked and if the player hits one they all come to him),
Blazes (flying beasts that spit fire to the player and that come from monster spawners) and
Magma cubes, a kind of slime cube that can jump high with a spring.

 The End

Since the fourth pre-release of Beta 1.9 one can go to The End (sometimes called The Ender).
It is a dark world of flying islands of end stone, on which pillars of obsidian stand.
There are also many ender-men, and since Beta 1.9 prerelease 6 there is also an Ender Dragon, a new kind of opponent.
Players can only leave "The End" by killing or defeating the Ender-dragon.
If the player chooses the latter option, the player has 'played out' the game and follows the credits.

The animals and monsters that one encounters in the game are often called mobs.
This is the abbreviation of the English word mobiles, which is sometimes used in the game industry
as a term for movable beings.
Some mobs are friendly, some are neutral and others are hostile.

 Friendly Mobs

For example, are pigs, cows, sheep, fish and cuttlefish.
In later versions of Minecraft horses and rabbits have also been added.
Most of these can be bred by the player by catching them and giving them food.
These animals can then provide the player with meat, leather, wool and the like.

 Neutral Mobs

His snowmen and iron golems attack the player only when the player has first attacked these mobs.
This also applies to spiders during the day.

 Hostile mobs

For example, zombies, skeletons, creepers, spiders and witches.
The hostile mobs attack players on their own, and if they do not defend or flee, they will die.
However, spiders only attack at night, during the day they behave like neutral mobs.
In the Nether there are other hostile mobs (see there).

Herobrine is a figure that is well known to Minecraft players, but does not appear in the game.
He appeared for the first time in a picture on 4chan and would build strange constructions in Minecraft worlds.
Mojang, however, has made it known that Herobrine never existed and will not be added either.

Another option of Minecraft is to create a multiplayer server,
so that multiple players can play in the same world at the same time.
Such a server is controlled from one point, usually a computer or a dedicated server.
Depending on the capacity, a server can allow between a dozen or a few hundred players at a time.
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